Novelty theme accomodates a wider variety of costume choices for your guests.

1. Come as you were

Everyone dresses as they would have in school, from goth to rugby player to awkward teen in a Nirvana t-shirt.

2. Beauty and the Geek

Based on the reality TV show, guests can come as either or combine for an Ugly Betty type look. If you want to go all out, create your own game show questions like in the reality TV series.

3. Favourite Teacher

From your macho PE teacher to the eccentric chemistry teacher, make sure all types are present.

4. Stop Light

Wear red if you're taken, yellow if you're getting to know someone but it's not serious yet, green if you're single.

5. I shouldn't be here Party

Dress as you were supposed to do anything BUT be at a party, e.g. scuba gear, your nightie etc...

6. Walking Dead v's Game Of Thrones

Or any other two television series that divide your friend group.

7. Punks and Goths

Your a teenager again.


8. The Job you'll never have

If you're an English student come as a plastic surgeon, if you're a dancer come as a race car driver etc.